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Have you ever been on the run wanting to cook something but you just couldn't remember all the ingredients in the recipe? Have you ever gone mad looking for your favorite recipe in your shelf full of cook books? Are you capable of controlling the time when cooking several dishes at the same time?


MyCookBook is an interactive collection of your own favorite recipes at your fingertips. In this App you can create and manage your delicious dishes. Besides the basic information like ingredients, categories, preparation and cook time, you can also add a meaningful description and the sequential steps of the recipe. Moreover, take your own pictures and put them alongside your creation.

Get step by step instructions while cooking and much more.

MyCookBook is an easy way to create a great collection of your favourite dishes. With this App, you always have your recipes with you and can - have a look over all recipes with the revolutionary cover flow feature

  • create an immediate shopping list - so you'll always know what you need for your dish
  • share your cooking plans and recipes with your friends - MyCookBook has an easy-to-use feature to send your recipes per email
  • get step by step instructions with the opportunity to start a timer each step - MyCookBook handles all timers parallel for your different steps or recipes and give you a notice you when they are finished
  • self content management - MyCookBook gives you the opportunity to create your own categories, ingredients and what you need independent of what language you want to use
  • get photos of your meals and of each separate cooking step - MyCookBook saves all the photos that you take during the cooking of your favourite recipe.
  • search recipes with a title or a list of ingredients - With MyCookBook you search for recipes containing your ingredients of choice

Available on the iPhone App Store